A proposal to build a 560-mile, privately owned water pipeline from Flaming Gorge Reservoir in Wyoming would claim water from the Green River, carrying 225,000 acre-feet of it to Colorado’s Front Range, leaving Wyoming water users along the way with just 25,000 acre-feet. That’s according to the Pueblo Chieftain, in a story that notes the environmental impacts of the bold plan have yet to be determined. 

The New York Times editorial board weighed in yesterday, writing, “To the list of truly terrible ideas, we would like to add the one that is stirring up residents of southwestern Wyoming.” The Times points out that the plan would enable more sprawl along the Front Range.

Meanwhile, the Colorado River is increasingly strained. Without significant cuts to demand, it will be unable to deliver to everyone, according to The Christian Science Monitor. The Columbia River, China’s Yellow River, India’s Ganges, and the Niger in Africa also are flowing slower, according to a new analysis by scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder and the College of William and Mary in Virginia.