sen092Earlier this week, during debate over a bill that would provide health insurance to same-sex partners of state employees, state Senator Scott Renfroe, a Greeley Republican and deacon for the Evangelical Free Church of Eaton, blasted homosexuality as “an abomination” akin to murder, sparking outrage among gay and lesbian groups and their allies.

Senator Dave Schultheis (pictured), a Colorado Springs Republican, has continued to fan the flames of controversy, speaking in opposition yesterday to a bill that requires pregnant women to be tested for HIV.

“This stems from sexual promiscuity for the most part, and I just can’t go there,” Schultheis said (via the Rocky Mountain News).

Many national news outlets and blogs have taken note, including Salon, which writes that although “every state has to deal with the occasional stupid, embarrassing elected official now and again,” Colorado has more than its fair share.

Just a bunch of liberals bashing the GOP? Then explain why even The Denver Post conservative columnist David Harsanyi has written an open letter to Republicans, telling them it is “time to exorcize the crazies.”