michael_bennet_71Senator Patrick Leahy, the Vermont Democrat who chairs the Judiciary Committee, says a “truth commission” could finally investigate all those abuse-of-power allegations against President George W. Bush and his administration. But Leahy is practically alone in his mission; even President Barack Obama seems to lack passion for the idea, saying he’d rather move forward than look back, as The Pueblo Chieftain notes.

Colorado’s two senators, Mark Udall and Michael Bennet (pictured), both Dems, are siding with Obama on this one. Udall, for instance, says it is more important for the nation to focus on the economy and renewable energy than to get mired in an investigation of Bush’s controversial policies.

One of the secret Bush memos released by Obama gave the National Security Agency permission to eavesdrop on communications between the United States and overseas countries without a warrant, an apparent violation of federal law.

But Leahy isn’t finding traction to investigate such matters. As The Washington Post writes, “Let’s be truthful about it: Things aren’t looking so good for the Truth Commission.”