I’m glad to see my prediction about Monday night’s The Bachelorette show on ABC proved correct — Jesse Csincsak, the professional snowboarder from Breckenridge, is now one of the two bachelors left standing. Jeremy Anderson, the brand-new lawyer from Dallas, was sent home. In the “Men Tell All” episode that aired immediately following Monday night’s show, Bachelorette Deanna Pappas announced she is happy, in love and engaged.

Deanna will make her final choice this coming Monday. Will it be Jesse or single dad Jason Mesnick from Seattle? I have to say this is a tougher call, despite the many promos, interviews and sleuthing forums that abound on the Internet. (Links below, as well as my final prediction.)

For sleuthing forums, especially those with plentiful spoiler alerts and screencap analysis, check out JokersUpdates and FansofRealityTV , called FORT. (Warning: If you are into solving puzzles, they are highly addictive. )

Monday’s show will have both Jesse and Jason meeting Deanna’s family in Georgia. (Screencaps from the promo shown Monday night are here.) Then it’s back to the Bahamas where both get a “last chance date” with Deanna to convince her they’re the one. Jeremy also makes an unexpected return to tell Deanna something. Both Jesse and Jason get Deanna engagement rings and propose. Then she makes her choice. The latest 30 second promo is here.

So, who does she choose? Based on this interview she gave to reporters today, I’ll stick with Jesse, our home-town snowboarder. Why? For starters, she talks about him in the present tense but uses the past tense talking about Jason. Also, she praises Jason effusively, like she has the others she’s rejected. And, she describes the size of her as yet unscheduled wedding as “ridiculously big” which is a word Jesse would use (everything is “rad” or “ridiculous” or “hot” to him.)

Perhaps most telling is that Deanna said she will keep her condo in Atlanta. She is very close to her family and that’s where they live. Jesse is somewhat nomadic, spending several months but not the whole year in Breckenridge. So he’s free to travel and hang out in Atlanta with her while Jason and his son are rooted in Seattle. She’d hardly get to use the condo if she chose him.

Finally, there’s the child issue. Jason has an ex-wife and a three year old. Deanna seems like a person who needs to come first and be number one in her guy’s life. With Jason, she’d be sharing the top spot with his toddler — and have to accommodate an ex-wife.

So, unless Deanna decides stability is the key factor for her, my pick is Jesse. As for Monday being the last we’ll see of Deanna and her husband-to-be, not a chance. There’s an “After the Final Rose Ceremony” that follows Monday night’s show, an engagement party that will air the following week and according to Deanna’s latest interview, it’s likely ABC will broadcast (and I bet pay for) the wedding.

If I’m wrong and Jason is Deanna’s final choice, I’ ll be hanging up my sleuthing hat and happily returning to political coverage. If I’m right, I may need an intervention.