Here’s some good news/bad news about the economy: California’s is so bad that residents there are packing their bags and moving to Colorado. But wait! More people here might make the tough job market worse.

As 9News reports, Colorado labor officials say more people than in a generation seem to be looking for jobs. The best off are seeking work in “recession-proof” sectors, like health care, information technology, homeland security, or the energy biz.

The proverbial grass looks greener in Denver to Mike Reilly, an engineering contractor from California. Thirty-eight-year-old Reilly, according to The Associated Press, has spent a lifetime pursuing the California dream, which has lost its glimmer, and so he’s moving to the Denver area to start over. He joins about 144,000 Californians who have recently left the state.

But not everyone is staying in Colorado–Jennifer Love Hewitt’s alleged stalker for one, according to E! Online. He’s facing a temporary restraining order after moving to Los Angeles to close the gap with Hewitt.