Diane Carman has a column in today’s Denver Post recapping Colorado’s history on abortion. At the end, she quotes the Rev. Charles Milligan, a long time champion of choice in Colorado who helped create an “underground railroad” to Mexico in the 60’s for women who wanted abortions. Carman writes,

Milligan remains an unflinching advocate for a woman’s right to choose. But at 87, once again he’s deeply concerned about the lives, the health and the legal status of women in Colorado. “Our enemies are rabid,” he said.

And soon they will hold a majority on the highest court in the land.

Carman is referring to Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers, who from all accounts, personally opposes abortion. But she is wrong to imply that Miers would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade or otherwise retract a woman’s right to choose. Even Texas Supreme Court Justice Nathan Hecht, the Administration’s top spinner of Miers, and her close friend and sometimes romantic partner of the past 30 years, who was with Miers the night she decided to become a born-again Christian, warns that Miers’ faith and personal beliefs should not be taken as a sign she would vote to change this settled law.

“You can be just as pro-life as the day is long and can decide the Constitution requires Roe” to be upheld, he said.

Law Professor Marci Hamilton agrees:

In any event, she is clearly not an ideologue who has devoted her life to the goal of overturning Roe….What will happen if (and when) Miers’s personal independence is combined with the independence of the judiciary? I think one can expect that she will not follow political guidelines, but rather, keep her own counsel and make her own, independent decisions.