This season’s Bachelorette, Deanna Pappas, the jilted semi-finalist on last season’s Bachelor, makes her own final two choices tonight on the ABC reality show.

Among the three bachelors left standing is Jesse Csincsak of Breckenridge, a professional snowboarder who pitches gloves on the side. Denver Post columnist Bill Husted doesn’t think too highly of Jesse:

In a move that continues to defy logic, Jesse Csincsak, the 26-year-old goofy-looking, long- haired shredder from Breckenridge, survived another elimination Monday night, received another rose and remains one of three finalists on ABC’s “The Bachelorette.” I mean, what’s DeAnna Pappas thinking here? She wants this dood at her big fat Greek wedding?

On last week’s show, Jesse took Deanna snowboarding in Breckenridge and to meet his parents where they appeared to have a grand time.

Maybe because it’s rerun season and I’ve overdosed on cable news since the end of the Democratic primary, I’ve seen every episode of the Bachelorette since it’s May debut. I think Jesse’s got a certain appeal and is the most fun-loving and free-spirited of all of the guys this season. Of course, whether that makes him husband material is a different question. Nonetheless, I’m rooting for the hometown guy.

My prediction, which is not a spoiler since I have no inside information: Jesse advances tonight to the final two, along with single dad Jason from Seattle. Going home in tears (Deanna’s, if not his) will be Jeremy, the Dallas real estate lawyer.

If tonight’s episode leaves you hungry for more, it will be followed by a second hour called “Men Tell All” where 15 of the jilted bachelors give their views on the show and predictions for Deanna’s final choice, which she’ll make July 7.