The New York Times takes a stab at analyzing the four competing legislative proposals on same-sex unions that may face Colorado voters in November.

The Domestic Partnership Benefits and Responsibilities Act, known as bill number 1344, is the only proposal that for certain will be on the ballot.

“It would give same-sex partners many rights of married couples, including the ability to adopt each other’s children and to make medical decisions on the other’s behalf.

The second is the anti-1344 proposal which would present voters with a constitutional amendment to prevent the bill from becoming enacted or enforced by “barring legal recognition of any status “similar to marriage.”

There is a third proposal which is designed to defeat the anti-1344 constitutional amendment. It would add a provision to the constitutional amendment declaring that same-sex unions are not “similar to marriage.”

The fourth proposal would make Colorado’s legisative ban on same-sex marriages part of the Constitution.

It should not be that difficult to get these consitutional amendment proposals on the ballot as only 5 percent of the state’s voters — about 68,000 of them — have to sign petitions. The cut-off date is August 7.

Are you confused yet? When in doubt, my position always has been that the Constitution is not a “rough draft.” If it’s not broke, don’t try to fix it. Keep it simple.

1344 is the only proposal involving a law, not an Amendment to the Consitution. Same sex unions are a matter for the legislature. It’s far easier to repeal a law than undo a provision of the Constitution.