Today’s Heisman Trophy presentation in New York has a bit of a Colorado flavor (of sorts), but not for reasons the Heisman Trophy Trust would like.

For those who might remember, Hawaii’s superstar quarterback Colt Brennan was a walk-on QB at the University of Colorado in 2003 but was dismissed from the team after unlawfully entering a coed’s dorm room and being accused of exposing himself and fondling the woman. (Brennan was intoxicated at the time and the football team already was under fire for accusations of sexual assault by players.)

Brennan pleaded guilty to burglary and trespassing, but a court vacated a guilty verdict for unlawful sexual contact because there wasn’t enough evidence.

After getting the boot from CU, Brennan revived his collegiate career the next season at a California community college and in 2005 got the chance to play at the University of Hawaii. Since then, Brennan has passed for more than 13,000 yards and 131 touchdowns and set all sorts of collegiate records — setting him up for his chance today to grab college football’s most prestigious award.

You have to wonder what Brennan’s accuser is thinking about this strange turn of events.