The Christian Science Monitor portrays the new House rebels — Rebublicans both more moderate and more conservative than President Bush who are making life difficult for the President and his agenda. Chief among them: Colorado’s own Tom Tancredo.

After dubbing President Bush’s “open door” border policy a threat to national security, Rep. Tom Tancredo says, he got a call from Bush aide Karl Rove proposing that he never again “darken the doorstep of the White House.”

The issue for Tancredo is immigration. He objects to Bush’s plan for a guest worker program. He voted against the 9/11 Intelligence Reform bill this week because anti-immigrant provisions such as those forbidding undocumented workers from obtaining drivers’ licenses were deferred. For Tancredo…

…no policy is more vital than controlling borders and ending the “cult of multiculturalism” that sees the US as “groups of victimized classes.”

Tancredo is the first to admit that his primary loyalty is not to the Republican party.

“I’ll never have any institutional power,” Tancredo says. “I’ll never be given a chairmanship. The only two things I have are my voice and my vote, and I have to use them as effectively as I can.”