There are so many people applying for unemployment benefits in Colorado that the state labor office is now open on Sundays, according to The Denver Post, which reports that the office is contending with roughly 1,000 new claims a day–twice the number of claims it dealt with in October.

Don Mares, executive director of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment , describes the situation as a huge “tsunami” that “caught everyone off-guard.” In fact, the department seems to be one of the few places where jobs are secure, after adding 50 workers thanks to federal dollars.

Still, Colorado is one of the toughest places to qualify for benefits, ranking 51st, next to Puerto Rico, in terms of those who get help, because there are so many technicalities that disqualify applicants. At least this isn’t Texas, or a handful of other states that are considering rejecting federal stimulus dollars, including more unemployment insurance, a move that is triggering angry reactions from the jobless, as The New York Times reports.

And it seems some firms are poised to cash in on the crisis by helping job seekers. Snelling Littleton, for instance, is sprucing up resumes–and the workers–to help them overcome stiff competition for jobs.