If date night is growing stale or you’re just looking for ways to keep track of your fun to-do list as a couple, a new Colorado-based website may be the answer.

The brainchild of husband and wife Travis and Caley Mitchell, ModCouples.com allows pairs to check out what’s new in their area, organize their interests, and keep track of what their coupled-friends are up to in Pinterest-like fashion (think: big, pretty pictures and hashtags). But don’t mistake it for a modified Facebook. “It’s not a social network,” says Travis. “If anything, it’s a tool with social features, like a Yelp.”

Users can create a free joint account that includes features like a bucket list, event calendar, favorites list, and connections (to follow couples with similar interests). Check out the “#FindFunStuff” feed tailored to your location to see what others in your area are planning to do, or have recently reviewed. The site also includes a profile area for photos and information about each pair, which not only makes it easier to find folks to follow, but according to Travis, helps couples keep tabs on the memories they’re creating.

“In a way you’re telling your story by doing the things you like to do,” he says. “When you put that on paper you see it and it holds you accountable to your story.”

ModCouples, which launched in early February, already has almost 1,000 users, and Travis hopes it will continue to grow after an upgrade in late spring that will focus on an in-site location-based calendar (rather than the current calendar which is user-driven), letting folks know about upcoming concerts, restaurant openings, and more in real time.

“Living life together, experiencing new things, and remembering what it’s like to date is really important,” Travis says. “Not just for young couples, but for anyone in any stage.”

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