tornadoAs a strong cold front came through last night, pushing temperatures in Denver to a record low 47 degrees for August, an unusually mild 75 degrees was on tap for today along with some light showers (via 9News). While the weather is nice, these are not the sort of meteorological conditions that inspire storm chaser Roger Hill, who takes tourists from places such as Oregon and England on $2,200, six-day storm-chasing vacations to see things like funnels touching the ground—up close. Hill was recently in the southeastern Colorado town of Lamar, holding a weather briefing in the breakfast nook of a Days Inn, after spending the prior day leading vans along dirt roads, writes The New York Times. He had discovered ominous clouds and a storm formation about 40 miles from the nearest highway. “Good hunting,” yelled one local after the tourists sighted an “almost-nado”—a funnel cloud that doesn’t quite turn into a tornado.