An international incident involving a Highlands Ranch man could inspire a scene in a spy drama: On January 27, Raymond A. Davis, an ex-Blackwater/Xe security contractor supposedly working as a diplomat in Pakistan, was in his car when two men confronted him. Davis fatally shot them, as Americans in a Toyota Land Cruiser sped to his rescue, killing a cosmetics trader on his bicycle along the way. But Davis was long gone by the time they arrived, and the killings sparked protests throughout the country, as well as diplomatic efforts on behalf of the United States government, which considers Pakistan an important ally in the region.

Now, Britain’s Guardian reveals Davis was really working for the CIA, not as a diplomat, as U.S. officials had claimed. ABC News confirms the report, quoting a former Blackwater executive. Apparently, Pakistani police eventually caught up with Davis, who claims the two men attempted to rob him that day. One of the initial clues linking Davis to the CIA was found in a 9News report, in which Davis’ wife provided the name of a CIA spokesperson. But the “story was quickly taken down, edited, and then reposted with new language eliminating any reference to the CIA.”