On December 3, an unknown person at the Stapleton Sam’s Club plunked a rare 1902 $20 Liberty gold coin piece into a red Salvation Army kettle. A few days later, on December 7, someone put another gold coin in a kettle, this time a 1904 $20 Liberty. And on December 8, yet another rarity, a 1979 South African Krugerrand, was dropped into a kettle outside the Pavilions Corner Bakery on the 16th Street Mall. Salvation Army Captain Ron McKinney doesn’t know who donated the coins, each valued between $1,200 and $1,700, but “just wants to thank them for the generous gifts” (via 9News). This isn’t the first year something like this has happened. As The Denver Post points out, since 2002, anonymous donors (or a donor) place on average four to six gold coins in Colorado kettles each year. This year, some kettles take more than cash, as the Christian Post notes. Following a test in several cities, including Colorado Springs, the Salvation Army provides a way for people to donate using a credit or debit card. Just ask a bell ringer how.