The latest arrests in a series of orchestrated drug raids targeting suspected traffickers and involving hundreds of agents and officers claimed 429 people in 16 states earlier this week, including some in Colorado. The “Project Deliverance” busts, which are focused on networks linked to Mexico, now count 2,200 arrests over the past two years, according to CNN. “There were some Mexicans, but the vast majority of those we arrested are U.S. citizens,” says an anonymous DEA agent, adding that street prices rose roughly 15 percent—even more for heroin—as a result of the busts. Over the past 22 months, they have netted $154 million in cash, tons of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, and black-tar heroin, as well as more than a thousand weapons and vehicles. Six people in Colorado—three from Denver—are among those apprehended this week in the operations. Officers also seized five kilograms of cocaine, approximately $21,000 in cash, and two firearms (via 9News). “This operation represents one of the most powerful attacks the U.S. government has launched against the criminal organizations smuggling narcotics, weapons, and cash across our borders,” says Immigration and Customs Enforcement assistant secretary John Morton in a Justice Department news release, adding that drug cartels are the primary targets of the efforts.