Javier Gasbar, who owns Silverthorne cleaning company Perfect Service, is expanding. But there’s a problem. “It’s only immigrants who apply for these jobs,” he tells KUNC radio, saying the government should be making it easier, not harder, for him to hire them. The issue of immigration was recently front and center at the Colorado Supreme Court, which ruled that authorities violated the privacy of undocumented immigrants by seizing their tax records as part of an identity-theft investigation. The 4-3 decision has unsurprisingly infuriated some, including former U.S. Representative Tom Tancredo, a Republican, who tells The Washington Times the court is “the most liberal” in Colorado history and he will work with other conservatives to oust four of the seven justices. Tancredo’s threats ostensibly help to maintain fear in immigrant communities, something that could hinder the U.S. Census Bureau’s effort to count every person in the nation next year. The bureau wants to make sure new immigrants “and other peer groups wary of government” are counted in the once-in-a-decade tally, notes The Denver Post. To help remove some of that fear, the bureau even co-sponsored an immigration rally. Meanwhile, vigils will be held across the state tonight, including in some high-country resort towns, in support of immigration reform and in recognition of the International Day of the Migrant. The Colorado Independent points out that it’s “the first time Colorado ski country plans to get involved.”