What do dogs and beer have in common? Coloradans love them both—a lot. And soon, we’ll be able to play fetch with our pooches and grab happy hour at the same time. The Bark Bar is opening its doors (and a 4,000 square foot dog yard) in West Highland by the end of June.

Adjacent to the humans-only bar space is a 40-person outdoor patio that oversees the canine crowd. Want to be in the mix? Enter the dog park, unclip your hound, and sip your brew (or cappuccino) at a shaded picnic table as you watch your furry friend sprint back and forth across the wood chips. After burning some energy, your dog can slurp from the water bowls alongside you.

The beer menu will have a large selection of canned brews including Front Range Brewing Company, Oskar Blues Brewery, and Ska Brewing Company, and will offer nonbreakable cups for a dozen on-tap beers so that customers can enjoy beverages in the dog park zone. “All of the guidelines of a normal dog park will be maintained,” says Faber. “Except here you can consume your coffee or beverage on-site without stopping off at Starbucks.”

4132 W. 38th Ave., 303-408-1549, barkbardenver.com

—Image courtesy of The Bark Bar