In today’s digital world, the idea of working in a cubicle makes about as much sense as confining information to a file cabinet. Which is why young professional freelancers and lean startup companies are renting workspace in hip shared offices with cafes, bars, and communal seating instead of traditional cubes. In the past two years, the number of these “co-working” spaces around the country has exploded—particularly in the Mile High City, which is a hotbed for entrepreneurial millennials. Part of the draw is that workers with differing backgrounds can swap ideas and meet potential colleagues. “We found that people really want interaction and community,” says Grant Barnhill, president of Shift, a co-working space in Alamo Placita. “The way people want to work has changed from competitive to collaborative. There’s a really meaningful sharing of information happening here on a daily basis.” Below, four co-working models around town.

Galvanize // 1062 Delaware St.,
Shift // 383 Corona St.,
The Desk // 230 E. 13th Ave.,
Laundry on Lawrence // 2701 Lawrence St.,