While many Coloradans have opened their hearts and wallets to the displaced victims of Hurricane Katrina, one of the state’s citizens sees it differently. In a letter to the Denver Post, Bradley J. Schwartze of Denver says he hasn’t given a dime and can’t figure out why he should.

After seeing the cacophony of requests to donate in Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath, I have a confession to make: I have yet to give a dime to any relief efforts. And I see no reason as of yet to do so. When I see environmentalists accuse me and my president of allowing global warming to cause Katrina while the storm still is washing ashore, I see no reason to give. When I see various individuals on TV and the Internet accuse me and my ideological brethren of committing genocide against African-Americans, I see no reason to give. When I see the finger- pointing at me and my president delivered in full fury by the mainstream media while search and rescue is still ongoing, I see no reason to give. And when I see the federal government’s relief efforts go into full overkill mode, I see no reason to give. So, tell me why I should give. And please try to do so without calling me various names and without the finger-wagging nag of, “If you were in the same position …” – for that sort of behavior will only further harden me in my position. Just tell me why I should give.

Does anyone care to enlighten the poor chap?