Until a few days ago, I didn’t give sauerkraut much thought. But during a recent trip to the Truffle Cheese Shop, I spotted a jar of Curry Kraut by Denver-based Five Points Fermentation. Curious, I grabbed a jar of the crimson-colored, pickled cabbage to go along with a dinner of Boulder bratwurst.

The cabbage, which is sourced from local farms, is mixed with a subtle blend of Indian spices, including cumin, coriander, fennel, black mustard seed, and turmeric, and left to ferment. All the cold crunchiness you expect from sauerkraut is present, but the added spices elevate it to something you might crave regularly. Better yet: The curry flavoring is subtle enough that the tangy vegetable pairs well with either a mild bratwurst or a spicier sausage.

Bonus: Five Points Fermentation also makes a more traditional kraut called Soul Kraut.

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