As the protesting crowd in Wisconsin’s capital swelled over the weekend, Republican Governor Scott Walker “showed little concern” from inside his office, writes the Washington Post. The Colorado Springs native has a history of provoking the masses with his approach to budget cuts and unions. While the protesters are unhappy with Walker’s proposal to kill state-worker benefits and collective-bargaining rights, 9News wonders if Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper‘s cuts to education could similarly drive Coloradans to demonstrate. (Indeed, local unions and their supporters are planning to rally at the state Capitol this week in solidarity with Wisconsin’s workers.)

KUNC reports Hick’s budget is causing bipartisan disgruntlement at the statehouse, although the Denver Post notes that “when it comes to deep cuts to K-12 spending, Colorado is not alone. Not even close,” adding that “flagging tax revenues combined with the loss of temporary federal stimulus dollars and ever-increasing costs for education have resulted in 2011-12 being the ‘cliff’ year for many states.”

Meanwhile, popular former 9News reporter Adam Schrager has “landed in the political heated drama” as the statehouse reporter for Wisconsin Public Television, writes State Bill Colorado, which has video of Schrager discussing the issue with PBS NewsHour.