The name of The Squeaky Bean‘s signature drink, the Squeaky Spritz, may not be surprising, but its color is. The bright orange concoction gets its blush from Aperol, a vaguely bitter, orange Italian liqueur.

The Bean’s owner, Johnny Ballen, first discovered Aperol on a trip to Italy in 2006. It was the same vacation that inspired him to open the eatery. As Ballen tells it, he saw the liqueur while sitting in a cafe in Palmanova and knew that he wanted to serve it in his would-be restaurant. The Squeaky Bean opened three years later.

This cocktail is made by mixing Aperol with Prosecco, an Italian sparkling wine, and topping it off with Rocky Mountain sparkling water. Perfect for a hot summer day, the spritz has a cool taste with a slightly bitter ending and is served with a briney green olive. Pair it with any dish on the menu—or do as I did, and choose the flavorful leeks vinaigrette salad.

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