Coors Light was “born in the Rockies,” as the brand’s slogan goes, in 1978. The “Cold Train,” mountains turning blue, the infamous twiiiins: With the exception of that last campaign (which had nothing to do with Colorado’s peaks), Coors Light’s advertising has typically paid homage to its home state. Not anymore. Although it’s still the number-two-grossing beer in the United States, Coors Light’s sales are slumping. Heading into 2019, Molson Coors Brewing Company will attempt to revive the Golden-made lager by giving it a new look—one that distances the brand from the Rocky Mountain lifestyle.

Illustration by Jeff Mangiat

Obviously, we’re sad Colorado might no longer feature prominently in Coors Light’s commercials. But (quite selflessly, if we say so ourselves) we’d be even more upset to see it put on ice in favor of Wisconsin-bred Miller Lite, another popular Molson Coors brew, as a Goldman Sachs analyst recently suggested. After all, with every gratuitous waterfall shot and snowy slopeside frolic, Coors Light’s ads have helped shape the nation’s favorable opinion of our fair state. We’re grateful and, therefore, feel obliged to help: The brewer wants a playful campaign that underscores Coors Light’s unparalleled refreshment. So we came up with one. Consider this our way of saying thank you for decades of restorative sips.