The graduation rate for Colorado Christian University was corrected (from 8 percent to 38.8 percent) based on further analysis and clarification from a mathematical statistician with the National Center for Education Statistics. In these tough economic times, saving money for a four-year college education isn’t the only battle facing students and families. A new report, “Diplomas and Drop Outs,” says just 53 percent of the nation’s students graduate after six years–and the universities are as much to blame as the students for the costly trend. The report, by the conservative American Enterprise Institute, found that Harvard University had the one of the highest rates of graduation in the nation at 97 percent. Colorado College led the way in Colorado with a rate of 83 percent. The University of Denver’s rate was 74 percent; the University of Colorado at Boulder’s was 67 percent; Colorado State University’s was 62 percent. At the bottom of the list is Colorado Christian University, with just 38.8 percent. USA Today provides data for all the schools, which can be sorted by state, school, graduation rate, and cost. More bad news: The high school graduation rate in Colorado declined by 1.1 percentage points, to 73.9 percent, last year in the latest figures available (via The Denver Post).