Cory Gardner might have some tenure with the Colorado state legislature, but out in Washington, D.C., he’s just a lowly freshman. The Yuma County Republican, who defeated Democrat Betsy Markey in the race for Colorado’s 4th Congressional District seat earlier this month, won the office lottery for claiming new digs on the Hill, receiving a barrage of high-fives and affectionate headlocks, writes Politico. Gardner now gets first pick of available office space as one of 85 new Republicans and nine Democrats to be sworn in as U.S. House members in January. And that’s good, because he’s got some homework to do.

“I have volumes of things that need to be read,” Gardner tells The Greeley Tribune. “Everything from House rules and procedure to briefings on the economy and security.” New lawmakers are allowed to sleep in their offices while they’re looking for a place to live in D.C., and Gardner may well be one of them. “I’m told they’ve made amazing advances in air-mattress technology,” he jokes, adding that at least he’s got a nice office near a Metro stop that’s “bigger than some of the other offices, so it’s more appealing.”