Discussions of the conference re-alignment in college football, which raged from late last year through mid-June this year, were supposed to have died down when the University of Colorado accepted a formal invitation to the Pac-10 in June, but some news outlets aren’t letting go just yet.

The San Francisco Examiner reports that former UCLA chancellor Charles Young is urging current Pac-10 members to vote against welcoming the two schools. The Bruins Nation blog—a website devoted to UCLA sports—thinks the development has more to do with Utah than CU and points out that it might be too late to block the schools from joining the Pac-10.

A columnist with the Daily Oklahoman wonders whether the Big 12 will take CU back if the Pac-10 schools end up blocking the acceptance of CU and Utah to the conference.

Meanwhile, CU’s football team is still preparing for this year, with at least one true freshman landing high on the team’s depth chart. The Denver Post writes that Jered Bell will back up senior Jalil Brown at left cornerback.