Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama today campaigned in Florida. Hillary is pressing for the Rules and Bylaws Committee to seat Florida and Michigan at its meeting on May 31st and for the votes from those states to count.

The Associated Press reported this afternoon that Hillary said she is willing to take the fight for Florida and Michigan’s votes to count to the convention:

Hillary Rodham Clinton says she is willing to take her fight to seat Florida and Michigan delegates to the convention if the two states want to go that far. In an interview with The Associated Press, Clinton was asked whether she would support the states if they continue the fight. The presidential candidate said Wednesday, “Yes I will. I will, because I feel very strongly about this.”

More on Hillary’s speech today in Florida here.

A convention fight would raise the interest in the August convention sky-high. The eyes of the world would be glued to Denver that week. Are we ready for that? And how many more thousands of media folks can the Convention and Denver accommodate?