McDaniels, JoshThe Denver Broncos were a sight to behold yesterday at Invesco Field at Mile High, and it wasn’t because they were wearing their hideous, original yellow-and-brown uniforms with vertically striped brown-and-yellow socks.

The Broncos were able to pull out a convincing 20-17 overtime win over the New England Patriots, holding one of the league’s best quarterbacks scoreless in the second half.

Denver quarterback Kyle Orton had, arguably, his best game since coming to Denver, throwing for 330 yards and two touchdowns to mercurial wide receiver Brandon Marshall (via The Associated Press).

The best storyline of the game, however, is Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels beating his mentor, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. McDaniels (pictured) admitted after the game that his talk last week of treating New England just like any opponent was a lie, writes ESPN. Belicheck even stopped by McDaniels’ office before the Patriots left the stadium—a special occasion, considering Belicheck hardly acknowledges most opposing head coaches.

At this rate, Belichick and McDaniels will meet up again in the playoffs, a possibility believes is more than likely.