cannabis_female_flowers_close-upIf you visited The Denver Post online yesterday, chances are you saw a green banner ad at the top of the Web site with marijuana leaves, purchased by one of the state’s medical marijuana providers (via Westword). Prescriptions for medical marijuana are booming in the 13 states that have legalized the drug for medicinal purposes, according to USAToday. And while some cities in Colorado are using zoning rules to push moratoriums that halt the spread of marijuana dispensaries, it seems other local officials are glad for the business. In Aspen, for example, a third dispensary is opening, according to The Aspen Times, in a report that also notes state health officials have registered more than 11,000 patients and predict some 15,000 by the end of the year. In Boulder County, district attorney Stan Garnett says while Colorado medical marijuana laws are begging to be clarified, he’s not interested in prosecuting cases that fall in the gray areas between legal activity and prohibition, writes the Daily Camera. “I want to spend as little of my office’s resources as possible prosecuting marijuana cases,” he told local county commissioners. The announcement comes just weeks after his office lost a high-profile case involving Jason Lauve, a medical marijuana user from Louisville. Meanwhile, medical marijuana and the Colorado dispensaries that provide it are becoming so popular Westword is hiring a dispensary reviewer.