The Popsicle hasn’t experienced quite the artisanal boom of its sister confection, ice cream. But one look into Sweet Action Ice Cream‘s freezer shows the possibilities for the treat, which, like its ice creams, are made from local and natural ingredients. And the mouth-watering flavors are intriguing.

The Vietnamese iced coffee Popsicle (half sweet frozen cream, half dark frozen coffee) was the shop’s first, but since the store’s winter opening, I’ve also seen White Russian, blood orange, green tea, and root beer float behind the freezer’s frosty glass windows. The Popsicles are a great substitute for the creamy stuff when you’re looking for something more lightly sweetened or an easy treat to take on a stroll through the Baker ‘hood.

Now, if only more ice cream shops could realize their Popsicle potential.

52 Broadway, 303-282-4645