State Representative Kathleen Curry had hoped to pull a Lisa Murkowski. But unlike the Alaska Republican, whose write-in campaign for U.S. Senate appears to have worked, Curry’s write-in candidacy as an independent for Colorado House District 61 failed, reports the Aspen Daily News. Because Curry has conceded the race, Democrat Roger Wilson will represent the Garfield County seat under the capitol dome in Denver, bringing the number of Democrats in the 65-member state House to 32.

Now, only one race from this month’s midterm elections remains too close to call: Republican Robert Ramirez has a slight edge over Democratic state Representative Debbie Benefield in Jefferson County’s House District 29, notes The Denver Post. The GOP is sure it will win that race and take control of the House away from the Democrats. Republicans have already elected their house leadership, but Andy Kabza, the head of the Democrats’ coordinated House campaign, isn’t ready to concede just yet: “Obviously, we believe it’s possible there are more votes out there for Debbie. It’s important that the process works itself out and every vote counts.”