The already-packed list of candidates for Denver mayor will grow even longer today, as Carol Boigon, who has served as the at-large member of the Denver City Council for eight years, formally announces her candidacy, writes The Associated Press. Her goal: to improve the economy. Boigon joins Theresa Spahn as one of the only two women currently in the race, which so far also includes candidates James Mejía, Michael Hancock, Chris Romer, Danny Lopez, Doug Linkhart, Dwight Henson, Michael Forrester, Kenneth Simpson, Paul Noel Fiorino, Thomas Andrew Wolf, and Eric Jon Zinn, notes the Denver Daily News.

Mejía, the chief executive of the Denver Preschool Program, launched his campaign yesterday, calling education a key to the city’s success and pointing to its role in attracting companies to Denver, which he claims would be the fastest way to create jobs and handle the city’s $100 million budget shortfall. “I’ve studied at the elbow of the last two mayors. I’ve watched how decisions have been made and how teams have been formed,” he tells The Colorado Independent, adding that city government is a place where “you can do things that matter to people. This [Denver] is where I was raised, it is where my daughters are being raised. I want to make sure they have the same opportunities I had, and not only my daughters, but everyone’s daughters.”