Now that the holiday DUI program is over, it’s time for another one. If you are driving on I-25 between Douglas County and Monument, beware. The Colorado State Patrol will be out in force, ticketing speeders and minor traffic violators. The county must be in some serious financial straits.

State Trooper Edward Gawkoski says the saturation patrols started Monday. As of this morning, troopers have pulled over 417 people and given 159 citations. The program calls for stepped up patrols 10 days a month, at different times of the day, with changing numbers of troopers involved. The State Patrol airplane will also be used to catch speeders. Troopers are not only focusing on speeders, but aggressive drivers, drivers people driving in the left lane who follow too close, and those who dont use their turn signal. He says, many people still dont understand the left lane law. The minute they pass me, they should be moving back to the right lane, said Trooper Gawkoski.