Walter Edmund Bond, an activist with the word “VEGAN” tattooed on his neck, allegedly likes to eat hamburgers, say authorities quoted by various news sources. He’s also accused of burning down the Sheepskin Factory, which has been sitting as a charred hull on South Colorado Boulevard since late April. Bond, who has another tattoo running across his face, was in federal court Friday, facing a charge of using fire or explosives to damage property, reports The Denver Post. “My reaction was relief, for a moment, that he has been arrested, and I hope that he is punished and punished in such a way so that they set an example for others not to do it,” says Louis Livaditis, whose business suffered $500,000 in damages and re-opened in a nearby building. Though an online message associated with the radical Animal Liberation Front claims responsibility, it is unclear if the organization is truly behind the arson (via Fox 31). Bond, whose name was formerly Walter Edmund Zuehlke, previously was sentenced to 10 years in prison for setting a house on fire in Mason City, Iowa, in 1997. Bond is also being investigated for two incidents involving arson in Utah, including the burning of a leather factory and a restaurant that served foie gras.