When bad things happen to a lot of people around you, it has one of two mental effects. You either cheer up, and realize how very lucky you are since your life is not crumbling all around you, or you get a little paranoid that you just might be up next on the Murphy’s Law wheel of fortune.

I have several friends all going through major life issues right now. One has flown home all the way from Japan to visit a dying relative, another has just learned the her husband is leaving her after more than a decade of marriage, and another will send her boyfriend off to war tomorrow, when he leaves for his new station with the Marines.

All I can think to do is gather them all together tonight. Misery loves company, as the saying goes, and I’m sure it’s true. Our impromptu girls night out may not entail booty-shaking or gigglefests, but I imagine that some serious conversation over a glass of red wine (or three) might do the trick. (Note to self: Tryst lounge has $1 wine and champagne for ladies tonight). Spots like Lounge on Colfax offer privacy and cozy nooks for sniffly sisterhood clutches, and you can’t go wrong to hit a jazz club on a down night. We’ll very likely go through some grand philosophical stage late in the evening, and end the night bleary-eyed, drinking bad coffee and eating comfort food at Pete’s kitchen.

At least we can all support each other right now, and it does put my minor daily stresses into proportion. Cheers to having friends, through thick and thin.