Growing crystals isn’t just a childhood science experiment anymore. San Francisco artist Liz Hickok brings her outlandish and vibrant crystalline imagery to the windows of a vacant building in RiNo. The mural, entitled “Preternatural”, is a collection of superimposed photographs of tiny environments made up of crystal solution, wire armatures, and colored dye. After creating and capturing the environment, Hickok expanded her images to superimpose them on the windows of an abandoned taquería at the corner of Downing and 34th streets.

“With this piece, I hope people imagine something magical and surreal is going on inside the building – that my imagery enhances the cityscape and becomes a part of the neighborhood,” says Hickok. The collaboration, which involved Month of Photography founder Mark Sink, The Big Picture program, Urban Market Partners, and Reed Art and Imaging, attempts to reach neighborhoods and populations that might otherwise be overlooked by the contemporary art community.

Photographs and time-lapse videos of Liz Hickok’s crystal formations are on view through April 4 at Michael Warren Contemporary.