Citing security concerns, the University of Colorado has canceled tonight’s scheduled talk by embattled ethnic studies professor Ward Churchill.

A CU spokesman said the decision to cancel the talk was made because there were serious concerns for the safety of students planning to attend the event and for Churchill himself, who reportedly has received numerous death threats.

“We have received reports of threats made to students,” said Ron Stump. “We felt it was in the best interests of all concerned to cancel the talk at this time in order to allow us more time to plan for such an event at another time.”

This is shameful, and I can’t help but place part of the blame on Colorado politicians and legislators who, acting on sheer emotion, helped fuel the hatred:

Gov. Bill Owens has called for Churchill’s dismissal. The Colorado Legislature passed nonbinding resolutions last week calling the tenured professor’s comments “evil and inflammatory.”

Are we back to the days of the 1800’s and vigilante justice? What’s next, will Churchill be run out of town?