Count M. Roy Wilson, the chancellor of the University of Colorado at Denver, among those who appear to be weathering the nation’s economic crisis in style. While some university administrators in Colorado face pay cuts and layoffs, Wilson, according to documents obtained by Face the State, is the statewide university system’s highest-paid administrator.

Wilson earns a base salary of $468,115 in a contract that has a variety of other cash perks, giving him the potential to earn up to $718,115 per year. That’s almost twice what the university’s other chancellors make, the website notes.

While CU officials say the pay for Wilson, as well as other administrators, is justified, Jessica Peck Corry, director of the conservative Independence Institute’s Campus Accountability Project, has expressed “outrage” because students increasingly bear the burden of paying for their educations with loans.

In contrast, Colorado State University, facing a $13.1 million shortfall this year, is making cuts, including non-faculty layoffs, according to Fort Collins Now.