Yesterday, former professor Ward Churchill, who is suing the University of Colorado for firing him, rested his case in what has so far been a long and arduous trial (via the Daily Camera). But Churchill isn’t the only CU scholar worth watching in the news. There’s Jeannette Sutton of CU’s National Hazards Center, who says Twitter, known for its users’ forays into the ultra-trivial and mundane, is perfectly poised to provide something useful–disaster alerts–according to TechPresident, which notes Sutton will publish research on Twitter later this year. Meanwhile, just what is up with those toddlers who don’t seem to listen to their parents? Professor Yuko Munakata says that kids are going through a complex cognitive growing process and are listening, though they don’t appear to be, writes ScienceDaily. In other words, parents shouldn’t despair. Warnings, such as “don’t touch that,” aren’t simply going in one ear and out the other, Munakata says. The warnings get stored for later lessons.