The University of Colorado says more time is needed to complete a review of Professor Ward Churchill’s scholarship. The Denver Post reports that an unidentified source says the delay is only until Monday while the university finalizes a buy-out offer to Churchill. David Lane, Churchill’s attorney, told the Post he is not “at liberty” to discuss the issue of a buy-out.

The Associated Press reports that KCNC (Channel 4) has confirmed the University’s buyout attempt:

“We have authorized our attorney to talk to his attorney to see where we are in this situation,” Regent Patricia Hayes told CBS News 4. When asked about a dollar value, Hayes said she couldn’t comment….Hayes later told The Associated Press that regents were looking at several options, but stopped short of saying attorneys were in negotiations.

As to the scholarship review, Lane continues to say neither he nor Churchill have ever been advised a review is taking place.

“All we know is what we read in the newspaper,” Lane said.