For 10 years, Denver has relied on Ballet Nouveau Colorado‘s (BNC) professional dance company to bring something uniquely beautiful to the stage: wholly original and perfectly executed contemporary movements. While that focus remains, big changes are underfoot. BNC is splitting into two entities: The dance company will now be called Wonderbound and, in March, will move its studios downtown to 1075 Park Ave. W.; the dance school will now be called the Colorado Conservatory of Dance and stay in its current Broomfield home.

“My hope is that what this community ends up with is two world-class organizations,” says artistic director Garrett Ammon. “We absolutely love the diversity of art that’s happening in this community. We want to help nurture that and engage in that and help this community become an even more beautiful place.”

The upcoming season will remain the same, but expect more of the company’s trademark collaborative performances in the future. (BNC has partnered with everyone from local band Paper Bird to the Lighthouse Writers Workshop for past shows.) And for dance lovers, the company will become even more accessible. Ammon is hoping to replace the garage doors at their new studio with Plexiglas so walkers-by can watch the dancers in action, and he encourages people to stop by and see what the company is about. “We really want to create a space where people can readily engage in what we’re doing,” Ammon says. “Being in a space like this one, that can naturally happen on a daily basis. We love having people in rehearsals.”

Lend a hand: Wonderbound is looking to raise $140,000 to help with the transition. Learn more—and donate—here.

—Images courtesy of Wonderbound (formerly Ballet Nouveau Colorado)

Daliah Singer
Daliah Singer
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