Literally. On your cell. Actually, these days, Cupid’s texting you.

Let me explain.

Speaking of love being in the air, the concept for this Valentine’s bash is so totally cheeseball that it’s sort of strangely cool. The “Wireless Wingman” party this Saturday, February 11 at the Garner Galleria gives participants — both single and spoken for — a chance to virtually flirt on their Verizons all night long. See? Pretty cheesy. But the flirty texts will be transmitted to live screens for all to see, making it more than a little more interesting. Throw in drink specials and $10 discount coupons to Second City’s “Red Scare,” and now it’s looking pretty damn fun.

Of course, you could just text your sweetie and discreetly sneak out the back door.

Cuz, ya know. Cupid’s calling.