As The Colorado Independent notes, cutbacks seem to be hitting every print publication in Colorado right now. The latest story comes from right here at 5280, as reported yesterday.

Westword has also tightened its belt, recently laying off two staff writers and an assistant calendar editor as cuts trickle down throughout Village Voice Media, which owns the paper and others like it across the country, the paper notes.

Elsewhere in the realm of media, Fox 31 plans an hour-long newscast at 5 p.m. anchored by Ron Zappolo and Libby Weaver, while its recently merged partner, News2, will discontinue its newscast during that hour, according to The Denver Post.

And it looks like the photographer who snapped images of the pants-less guy suspended from a ski lift is out of a job. Marty Odom tells New York’s Daily News that he was suspended after one of his pics was printed in a local paper.