Don Johnson shed tears while holding the urn containing his daughter’s ashes, begging state lawmakers during a hearing to pass a bill that would require carbon monoxide detectors in new homes and apartments, according to the Rocky Mountain News and video from 7News.

Johnson added that a detector with an alarm that costs about $20 could have saved his daughter, Lauren, 23, who died about a week ago when gas seeped into her Denver apartment, one of a string of similar deaths in Colorado in recent months.

Lobbyists for the realty and property management industries were “reportedly caught completely off guard by this moment of high drama,” according to ColoradoPols, which adds that there were “few dry eyes” in the House. The bill appears to have few opponents.

However, News 5/30 in Colorado Springs and Pueblo notes that a House panel has delayed action on the bill until an estimate on the costs of the law is provided.