The left-leaning ProgressNow Colorado has hopped on the bash-Dan-Maes bandwagon, encouraging supporters to “join the conspiracy” by donating $25 in exchange for a sky-blue “United Nations Bicycle Ambassador” T-shirt in the latest indication that it sucks to be Maes.

A new Fox News poll shows the Republican nominee for governor with a paltry 15 percent, as former GOP Congressman Tom Tancredo, running for the American Constitution Party, shows his tenaciousness with 34 percent (via Talking Points Memo). Staggeringly, if the remainder of Maes backers threw their support to Tancredo, he’d lead Democrat John Hickenlooper, who garners 44 percent in the poll. As Politico reiterates, the GOP is turning into a third party in the governor’s race.

Maes, meanwhile, has obtained and released documents that support explanations for his firing from the Liberal, Kansas, police department in the 1980s, reports The Associated Press. The documents don’t verify Maes’ claims that he worked for the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, an assertion the candidate had backed away from earlier. But they do show he was fired for bungling an investigation into his then-girlfriend’s family, after the family caught authorities’ attention for alleged illegal gambling.

Westword digs into the new docs, which “intended to prove that he wasn’t making up the stories. Trouble is, the items are arguably as embarrassing as if he had been.”