Dan Maes, the Republican candidate for governor who isn’t good enough for Tom Tancredo and triggered headlines around the world after alleging the United Nations is behind an international bicycling conspiracy, is now taking on state employees.

Maes says he’s prepared to lay off as many as 4,000 Colorado employees (including 2,000, “just like that”) if elected and would force a slowdown of the federal government over drilling for gas and oil, writes BusinessWeek, prompting his opponent, Scott McInnis, to question Maes’ competence.

“He gets a lot of mileage out of that line, but the reality of it is, he does not write the constitution,” McInnis scoffs.

A union representing 31,000 state employees has blasted Maes’ suggestion. But they may not have to expend too much energy on the issue. As The Denver Post reports, Maes’ plan might be illegal under state rules.

Meanwhile, Face the State is questioning certain dealings by Hickenlooper, the lone Democrat running for governor, who allegedly “conserves land…and keeps the change.”