Perino, Dana“HEADS UP,” an e-mail from NASA to the White House stated.

There’s an asteroid heading toward Sudan, and even though asteroids usually break up as they enter the Earth’s atmosphere, maybe someone should call Sudan to warn them.

On Friday night, Dana Perino talked with a local audience about the e-mail, one of the most unusual events that happened while she was press secretary for President George W. Bush (via the Denver Business Journal).

Perino, a Colorado gal, regaled the Second Annual Public Relations Society of America Colorado Chapter at the Curtis Hotel, sharing stories such as the one about Sudan, which, thankfully, wasn’t serious.

Perino once asked some U.S. Navy SEALS if they took language classes during their training and received the answer, “No ma’am, we’re really not there to talk.”

As for the aggressive press, she says, “You may not realize, the press secretary is always defending the president, but the press secretary also has to defend the press to the president.”

And while Perino was criticized for ending the press “gaggle”—a second meeting with the press at the White House each day—the Obama administration’s press team has made no move to revive it, according to The Washington Times.