I didn’t realize how quickly I’d be able to put my dance classes to good use. Saturday night, at a friend’s wedding reception at the gorgeous Kevin Taylor’s at the Opera House, I turned into something of a dancing fool. As Opie Gone Bad rocked the stage, I danced with hubby, several times. I danced with the groom. I danced with the bride’s father (who can really swing a gal around a dance floor in style!). I danced with someone’s uncle so-and-so, only slightly reluctantly. And eventually, feet pounding, I collapsed in a breathy, glowing heap near the bar to retreat to the restorative effects of champagne.

It was quite the party, and if any of you out there are scouting for ideas on where to hold an elegant and unusual wedding, consider the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. My friends had a lovely, moving Jewish ceremony in a very modern setting — namely, in the lobby of the Opera House. The bride and groom stood on the first landing of the zig-zagging white staircase, making it ideal for the guests to see and hear the ceremony. After, they simply ushered the congregation downstairs to Kevin Taylor’s, where the black ceiling twinkles with tiny lights like brilliant stars, and the simple red roses and white linens were all that were needed to spruce up the space for a formal wedding. Want to see for yourself? Check out the photo gallery of the space, and imagine what a few fancy chairs and elegant place settings would add to the atmosphere.