You’ve heard of Dancing With Wolves? Now it’s time for dancing with dogs — literally.

From Wednesday until July 22, the Regency Hotel in Greeley will play host to the fifth international Canine Freestyle Conference, an event that founder and CEO of the World Canine Freestyle Organization, Patie Ventre calls “the big freestyle event of the world.” Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday will feature pre-paid clinics and workshops for those interested in learning the art of canine freestyle dancing. On Thursday and Friday, the various competitions will take place and the public is invited to watch free of charge. “It’s such a fun thing,” Ventre said. “There are millions and millions of pet owners, but there’s nothing more fun you can do with your dog than dance with it to music.”

There’s even a handicapped division:

Ventre said in addition to the different divisions there would also be a handicapped division which would feature both people and animals with disabilities.

While dog owners and their pets will be attending from all over the world, 30 percent of them are from Colorado. If this is your thing (it’s certainly not mine) you can learn more about it here.